What's new on SALT Lending


February 07, 2019

Updated Dashboard and Margin Call

  • Updated Dashboard UI/UX
  • Updated Margin Call UI/UX
  • Ordered Asset List on Portfolio Page
  • Added Links to Wallet pages from Asset page
  • Updated registration tooltip
  • Added withdrawal minimum / maximum messaging to frontend
  • Configured Lendable Areas Map to auto-update each time a new lendable area is introduced
  • Consolidated details of Liquidation Section of Loans into centralized location
  • Optimized verifications data response
January 28, 2019

Added Q1 Promotion and Loan Calculator

  • Q1 Promotional Rates and Options / Promotional Banner and UI
  • Loan Inquiry Tool v1.5 – Consolidates the loan tool to one page.
  • Value Charts for each wallet page – Completed this feature a while back, but it was never released. 
  • Post-loan inquiry: Waiting on Collateral – You can now see how much of each collateral type you can deposit to fulfill your loan request. Note: TrueUSD and USDC do no appear here.
  • Error message updates for withdrawal requests with insufficient gas.
October 03, 2018

New Sign Up Process and Dashboard

Sign Up Process:

  • New, improved and streamlined sign up process
  • KYC is to be completed during the sign up process
  • More seamless account verification

New Dashboard Features:

  • New dashboard view for users
  • Users can see the breakdown of their balances and deposit from the dashboard
  • Users can check the status of getting their loan
  • Users can see a pie chart breakdown of their asset holdings
  • Users can buy SALT from the dashboard
  • Updated navigation
  • Separate pages for each wallet

Other Updates Released:

  • User account information has been moved to the upper right menu
  • User account information consolidated into one page
  • Add logic to enable rates as low as 5.99%
  • Updated price tracking service
  • ID Verify Confirmation Email
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