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November 20, 2018

Value Over Time Charts and Referral Program

Referral Program

  • This is a new customer reward/incentive program that allows our existing members to refer other individuals to our platform. For any referral that results in an active loan, the referring member will receive $50 worth of BTC after SALT receives the first loan payment.

Wallet Value Tracking Over Time Charts

  • The dashboard is gaining some slick and sophisticated new monitoring charts. A user will now be able to graphically see the value of their wallet over time. The value will be responsive to the market value of their crypto assets as well as any deposit or withdrawal activity.

Other Updates Released:

  • Various branding updates to UI
  • Aligning the borrower portal to the new brand standards
  • Margin Call warning/UI

Meerkat Internal Launch

  • If you haven't heard about Meerkat yet, you will soon. This product was developed by the engineering team during their free time on a weekend and leverages the existing blockchain monitoring capabilities currently in use on the SALT Platform. This product will eventually release as a free public beta after some internal tire kicking. It provides an individual with the ability to receive email notification in the event there is any change to a wallet address that they specify.
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