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October 14, 2020

Release Notes 10/14/20 -- Stabilization Product

Updates to Loan Stabilization Product

Your borrower experience will display two new “modes”

  • Stabilization Mode - Your loan will remain in this status until you lower your loan-to-value (LTV) below 83.33%. We recommend going lower as we know the market can be more volatile when we least expect it.
  • Collateral Mode - Your loan will be in this status as soon as you originate your loan and until a stabilization occurs. It will automatically switch back to this mode once you have lowered your LTV below 83.33% and have converted back to non-stable assets.

Dashboard Widgets

  • Your dashboard widgets will now display more contextual information when you are either approaching or in stabilization mode. or are and in stabilization mode.

Loan Details Page

  • Your loan details page will now display more information regarding the health of your loan and proximity to a stabilization.
  • New Information Section: You can now have a better approximation of the percentage market drop that would need to occur in order for a stabilization to take place. *This is only an approximation and should not be solely used to monitor the health of your loan.

Convert After Stabilization

  • There is a whole new section (“Convert”) of your borrower experience that will appear after you have restored the health of your loan. This section will allow you to convert back to your original mix of collateral or any other collateral types that we support.
  • You can access this section on the Loans page.

Other Updates in this Release

  • Updated notifications to reflect new changes
  • Users will need to be ID verified and enable 2FA to make deposits
  • Other minor bug fixes and technical debt updates

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